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4 Electrode Health Care Tens Acupuncture Electric Therapy Massage Machine Pulse Body Slimming Sculptor Apparatus - Silver - EU PLUG

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5By Patty May-04/2017 04:54:21

Pain Relief
For anyone suffering from chronic pain, this is not only an item to buy, but it is also a gift. The basics, to understand exactly what this therapeutic device does, is to send electric impulses that actually break up the pain path, from the area of pain to the brain's pain receptors. You see, the pain impulse has a direct path that it follows, and this device breaks up that impulse, relieving (for me at least and several of my family members) acute pain. It's not a cure, of course. But it is a drug free tool that does an amazing job of relieving pain. . . .for me, for several days at a time. You can adjust the impulse levels, so you shouldn't be afraid that it is going to "zap" you. It doesn't. And you get 4 pads that you apply to your area of need. Also, I was so amazed and grateful that it can run on batteries, or it can plug in. And this item comes with everything you need, right down to a plug attachment that allows you to use USA plug-ins (European's use a different type of plug). You also receive a book that gives you instructions on how to use it, noting that it isn't JUST for pain relief. And then there is the pricing. In the United States, I purchased a two pad, batteries only device, and paid 10 times the cost of this device being offered, and the booklet that was enclosed was very limited in it's information; owing, I assume, to the American Health Laws that are in place here. I highly recommend this device, hands down. I like it so much that I have purchased enough of these items to be given as gifts to every one of my family members.

4By Smith Apr-03/2017 11:19:53

Great product
This is a great product , love love this
  • sammydress
  • sammydress

4By Mackenzie Oct-18/2016 08:13:45

Works great
It came the day I was having terrible neck pain and was a great help. It was also refreshing to have a leg massage in the midst of my pain! A worthy investment
  • sammydress

5By Cheryl Sep-24/2016 01:49:44

took almost a month but not Sammydress it, very happy with items, will always order from them

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