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Rose Shape Rhinestoned Hollow Out Ring - Silver - ONE-SIZE

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4By Mel\'s Moment Nov-29/2016 12:40:00

2 Connected Rose Designed Rhinestone Rings
These two rings are very beautiful. These rings are also very stylish. The larger ring covers my whole finger. If I wear the large ring all day it can be a little uncomfortable.This is the only reason I did not give it 5 stars but it for perfect for going out special occassions. The larger rhinestone ring is connected to the smaller ring with a similar design by a chain. I think that for the price and overall quality this ring is a great deal and I would reccomend it. I get a lot of copliments on this ring when I wear it. It is trendy and very pretty!
  • sammydress

5By Brandhi Oct-19/2016 21:44:16

great purchase. fell in love with this piece @msrastadoll on ig
  • sammydress
  • sammydress

5By KYRIAKI PASCHALI Jun-30/2016 22:48:24

Very nice ring..................

5By Katrina Jun-15/2016 21:23:06

Daughter loves it
Bought this as a gift for my daughter along with some other rings. She loves this. Loves that it is adjustable.

4By carla Apr-20/2016 01:04:10

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