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Tevise 8466 Men Tourbillon Leather Band Automatic Mechanical Watch with Two Working Sub-dials - Black

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5By larry dalton Aug-28/2016 01:59:04

i love the watch it keeps great time.

5By Pradeep Magan Mar-04/2016 05:52:11

Tevise Men Tourbillon
received today - thank you very much - beautiful watch - only concern is the strap - nice but to thick - need to get a thinner strap.

4By Rogelio Dec-12/2015 02:32:48

Very Nice
very nice watch, looks good, wateproof and its very nice. Its old style pulse battery but its fine and more for the price.

5By Michael Jerry Mitche Nov-11/2015 08:43:42

The only watch I need and why...
This is the only watch I need... I don't dive so I don't need a lot of water resistance and if I want to use it as a compass I still can, if I want to time something I can look at it and remember when I started I don't need a rotating bezel. It's beautiful enough to take everywhere and do everything. It's cheap too so if I lose it, it gets stolen or it breaks, I'm fine, I can buy another one, in fact I'm going to buy one every month whether I need one or not just to stock up on them. In fact.. don't buy one, at least not the black on gold, because the gold is really shiny not like in the photo and it's the best looking one and I want those.

It's very accurate and the only thing I did is I took the band from my SLOW watch and put it on, it was brown italian calf leather and I love it... watch is seriously a 150-300$ watch easy. The US economy is fine if they would stop trying to buy everyone elses overpriced stuff because they think China can't make a decent product, well this is the proof. This thing is decently heavy too... doesn't feel cheap at all but I can't even tell it's on after a few minutes.

4By Roei Oct-27/2015 23:36:35

good item
Very nice watch at a fair price But I had to wait a long time..
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