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Printed High-Low Asymmetric Skirt - Off-white - M

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4By J Jan-05/2016 14:43:47

cool looking skirt with minor seam issues
Very nice cute skirt. Some seams slid somewhat and messed up the front and there are threads sticking out. The quality is ok but not great.
  • sammydress

5By Kristan Nov-23/2015 03:29:19

Asymetrical Skirt
I went to Sammydress to buy this skirt. It is actually as nice as it looks in the web image. The skirt flounces nicely, and it is floor length in the back! I said that it runs true to size, but I bought the largest size they had as well. I can't lace the decorative lace panel in the front of the yoke, but fits well without the laces. The yoke is this weird random patterned fabric that made me go "huh?"

Washing instructions would be nice. Skirt seems delicate.
  • sammydress

4By Jo Asher Aug-29/2015 07:13:52

A few extra touches, but looks like the advertising photo
It took a while to receive this item, but my questions were quickly and courteously answered. I prefer to wear my skirts on my hips rather than on my waist, the way it is shown to advertise. Since the description said "high waisted skirt" I ordered for the waist size to fit my hips. It fits where i want it to, but it is close. I'll need to not gain any weight to keep wearing it. On my hips it is the same length as in the advertised picture, if i was wearing it on my waist the front would come to just above my knees and would be right at floor length in the back. i like to have a little bit of train. The outer skirt tended to flow wierdly over the underskirt, but i'm handy with a needle and thread and i loosely tacked the two together at the seams and it looks much better. The pattern on the yoke is different than pictured, but it doesn't change the over all look of the skirt much. The fabrics and stitching are light duty and are not likely to handle too much activity or wear and tear, but with care (and not gaining any weight) it should be good for a long while. With some minor touches and reading the description and comparing to the photo i feel like i've managed to end up with a skirt that is nearly what was pictured. It is pretty and comfortable and worth it for the price. I would suggest ordering based on actual measurements rather than the sizing, and based on where you want it to hang from, waist or hips.
  • sammydress

4By Amanda Aug-19/2015 04:24:09

Not exactly as pictured--but close!
I knew when I bought this that the fabric was going to be quite different and I was correct. The material is not as thick nor flowy as what is pictured, but the style is just as beautiful.
The only downside was the sizing-- do NOT order your typical size, as the sizing for this dress ran large on me. In US jeans, I wear size 6/7 or 4/5 if the material is somewhat stretchy. I decided to order a Medium in this and it fits about an inch too big...it wont fall down but it is very loose around my waist. The lacing in the front can be pulled tighter but I didn't want to pull it too tight to ruin the look of it, and even pulled as tight as possible, it was still loose.
The lacing is very difficult to lace up at first. The string was frayed at the end, but taping or gluing the ends would fix that problem.
Mine came with a zipper on the side-- something I wasn't expecting. Although it tends to get stuck from time to time, it saves the pain of having to lace the ties!
I looked at other reviewers images and noticed something that mine had different from theirs.
The design at the top of the skirt is way different that some of the skirts people received.
Also, the design at the bottom hem of the skirt (see photos)
Lastly, mine came with a thin under-layer with a lace trim! This helped "poof" out the skirt a little more and also made the design more elaborate.
Other than some loose threads, the make of this is pretty sturdy. Don't expect designer quality, but for the price this skirt is excellent
  • sammydress

5By   Brat Jul-28/2015 09:45:00

Just as pictured with a lace like slip underneath . Fits perfectly
  • sammydress

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