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Vintage Scissors Infinity Love Multilayered Charm Bracelet

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4By Susan Scott Jan-27/2016 02:49:44

Purchased it for my hairdresser, SHe loved it.

5By Paula Nov-10/2015 12:55:21

beautiful bracelet, fast shipping

5By Jackie Jun-02/2015 03:28:04

I hope it holds up better than my Auntie one as I am giving this as a gift!! :)

4By Crystal Dec-25/2014 17:18:42

Cute with "Flaws"
This bracelet is just too cute to let it leave my sight. Unfortunately, since I bought it as a gift for my niece, I have to. TT,TT
The bracelet looks like the product image EXCEPT the purple is a way lighter shade. I'm not necessarily picky about that,, but I wish it were exact. To me, the dark purple makes it look amazing.
The bracelet itself it really short, and it has a tiny chain. I had someone help me attach it to my wrist so that it could be shown. The bracelet has a VERY short chain and as you can see in my photo, it's on its tightest setting for my wrist. If you have a larger wrist, you may need to purchase more chain. It's an easy fix, but hopefully it wont have to be done.
The material used to make the bracelet is very light and, i think, very fragile. When i held it, I was afraid I was going to break it by accident. It looks as if one strong pull, or simply getting the bracelet caught on a door knob while walking, will pull the poor thing apart. It definitely isn't an item to be worn and abused. I would suggest taking great care and caution with it.
I give this item 4 stars because although it is incredibly cute it has it's flaws. Overall, my niece will be happy. She's the type to brag, so I know she'll show it off.

5By   Tracy Oct-03/2014 05:28:10

My destiny awaits
Alright I'll share my little story here about this purchase. When I first saw it, it would serve 2 purposes...one for my sister as a bday gift since she is a hairdresser/barber, and the other for myself as motivation and hope because I was looking into options and strategically planning how I could become a cosmetologist. Since then, there are happy endings I'm pleased to say!!! My sister loved it, and I'm walking on faith and got accepted at Paul Mitchell School. I start next month and I'm looking forward to a new life for 2 kids and myself.
I can't wait to wear it....it's adorable and dirt cheap!!!!! Xoxo
  • sammydress

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