4.7 32

5 By Kamaria Mar-20/2016 08:28:26

really cute
looks like the pic but then not really...... still very nice though. I wear it to work all the time and get compliments all the time i wear it. Great purchase. Just a note it is a bit on the short size so if you are taller just have that in mind

4 By Amy Jan-06/2016 11:57:15

Cute Dress
Cute unique dress. A little shorter than I'd like for a work dress as I have to be very careful when bending over but still cute and wearable. I like to wear with a belt as otherwise doesn't have much shape around the waist.

5 By Ms. Justice Jan-02/2016 16:18:00

I really loved this dress, fit in the right places.

5 By Mr Patrick Nov-15/2015 01:38:15

Thats beautiful
Its beautiful the day she wore it in front of me

5 By   Omono Oct-19/2015 02:41:08

The item is fantastic, am really excited.

4 By Ina Oct-14/2015 07:01:58

Work Dress
Cute dress. It looked big on me at first but when I tried it on, its nothing a thin waist belt and a quick altering in the armpit area can't fix. The length of dress is perfect for work.

5 By   Yvette Aug-12/2015 11:28:10

I love the style, however the fit was small. Returning for exchange for same item, cause I loved the style that much! ..hope they have it in stock.
Typically wear size US- Medium. Ordered large using the conversion chart provided on the website, however the fit was small. The large did not button up without having a gap between buttons.
I say get 2 sizes up from what you normally wear, of you the same body time and they should fit nicely.

5 By eve Jul-31/2015 21:55:53

Very flatteting dress. fits perfectly. i like.

5 By Patty Dec-23/2014 01:07:11

Just lovely
Wonderful style, colour, fit and length.

5 By T Oct-12/2014 09:22:16

Beam waist packet buttock pattern formal chiffon color matching dress
This was too small for me so I gave it to my daughter and ordered a larger size to myself because I liked the pattern and quality.

4 By T Oct-12/2014 09:03:26

Beam waist packet buttock pattern formal chiffon color matching dress
I love the pattern and it fits well.

5 By   Ana Cardoso Marque Oct-10/2014 12:12:06

I received
Beautiful, perfect! I loved! .....