4.6 23

5 By Febby Mar-12/2015 00:18:01

Perfect top fit bit too short..

5 By s Jan-29/2015 21:47:25

very beautiful body dress in love

4 By Ruby Dec-19/2014 08:53:48

The fit to me is a little bigger. It doesnt show the "poof" on the shoulder like in the picture. The zipper kinda hangs down on the back, like a tongue, because it doesnt really conform to my shape lol.

Other than that, I think it's a great dress!

5 By Apple Nov-07/2014 07:17:22

Its a little small but if your going for the sexy look it works ;)

5 By Keyanna Oct-15/2014 15:35:56

This was my first time buying anything off the site and i must say when i saw this dress i just knew i had to have it. It fit just like a glove i absolutely loved it.

5 By   Sonja H. Oct-01/2014 01:45:39

Absolutely Love it!!!!
This dress is a great fit. Very good quality.

4 By Adriana R Aug-12/2014 08:55:31

Just ordered it. Cant wait to receive this :D

4 By Su Jul-16/2014 15:17:31

very cute, way too short
Nice dress. Was way too short. Looks cute with leggings though.

5 By Eneida Mar-25/2014 09:59:03

Great Dress!
This dress is super sexy! My only problem with it is that inside lining is a little too short for my taste (I'm 5'4") but I am going to have to suck it up because I love this dress way too much :)

0 By Noor Feb-16/2014 10:58:13

Love it love it really good. U should purchase it. The material is amazing

5 By   Girl Feb-10/2014 22:32:29

Fits good, and is a nice going- out wear.

4 By Rossella Jan-04/2014 01:21:58

vestito di pizzo
bellissimo vestito: elegantissimo!