4.8 11

4 By h*****g Jul-13/2018 16:34:27

You need an inner layer
The dress is cute but you cannot wear it like that. The picture does not show how transparent it is. You really need an inner layer other wise you will expose your entire body. If you add an layer then it gets really warm. I think I will wear it when it is not so hot.

5 By S*****n Jul-13/2018 00:37:58

I absolutely love this dress very beautiful, you do have to wear a slip, I wear a MEN's
extra long tee under mines which give the same coverage

5 By K*****C Jun-01/2017 22:26:16

A Little Sheer
This dress is a little bit sheer, so you'll need some kind of slip underneath. Honestly, I like it as more of a "duster" myself.

5 By D*****e Apr-22/2017 10:30:09

Make sure to wears sexy slip beneath and you've got yourself a uniquely stylish dtess

5 By k*****n Mar-24/2017 10:30:35

Gorgeous and very sexy. I wear it over jeans and a tank top.

5 By Q*****i Mar-16/2017 05:33:27

Beautiful as an outer layer
This dress needs to be layered to prevent exposed skin between the gaps in the buttons and ties. I think even skinny ladies would have this happen, since the elastic in the dress just pulls the buttons even when there is no tension. The material is incredibly soft and stretchy, and it is a beautiful sheath dress. The color is very feminine, and I like the sleeve-button detail. This dress would look fantastic when layered with a lacy summer dress and left partially buttoned. It looks in the style of a peasant dress. I'm considering sewing the front closed, since the dress is so silky it can be pulled easily overhead, and then the buttons would look flawless.

5 By N*****. Jan-14/2017 10:23:22

Peachy but pretty
The fabric is a soft knit and very lightweight. Color is more peach than pink. It's pretty and fits well.

5 By S*****y Jan-12/2017 15:09:42

Nice dress
I like it. It buttons down all the way and has a cute design on the fabric that is very subtle. Pretty color too

5 By T*****y Jan-12/2017 05:23:27

Pink dress
This dress is so pretty..lightweight

5 By H*****. Aug-20/2016 05:25:15

Very Nice
The stitching on this dress was great and seemed to be very carefully done. The fabric itself is a little sheer but the baroque pattern in the same color as the dress makes it more opaque. Just to be safe, I wear the dress as a light cardigan for the days when it's just too hot to wear a jean jacket or thicker cardigan. The color is a peachy pink, kind of pastel, and super pretty and the length is a tiny bit long but bearable when walking around.

5 By M*****e Jul-07/2016 06:08:12

This is the best thing I have ever ordered from this site.