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5 By nicolas Apr-10/2016 14:42:51

salopette de super qualité moule parfaitement le corps très satisfaite

5 By Nancy Cofield Mar-11/2016 04:24:32

This is my first attempt to order, I just pray that my delivery be as successful as when I do get my order. I'm very excited about this "Sexy Camo" Jumpsuit, I just know it's going to fit my Slender Fine Sexy Body, Can't wait until it get here and hopefully before Mother Day and the 28 of March. Thank you guys for letting me place my order and I'm so Grateful to have found a fashion store that really has my size, However the styles are just remarkable and Prices are well fitted in my budget to purchase. Thank you and I hope Enjoy the garment as well.

Sincerely yours,
Nancy Cofield

5 By Helga Feb-15/2016 01:59:43

perfect, makes a stunning figur, good quality

5 By Jamy. Feb-08/2016 05:57:03

Soft material fits well just as the size indicated.

5 By Britton Jan-02/2016 01:55:19

Love this outfit it fits my shape perfectly

5 By nene Nov-02/2015 05:36:44

i love it
I brought this because me n my dude wearing the same camo